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Title: Approved By The Avengers
by: kathierif_fic
Fandom: MCU/Avengers
Characters/Pairings. OTAvengers
Rating: FRT-13
Disclaimer: Not mine.
A/Ns: for "uniform/military kink". New uniform loosely based on this one
Summary: Steve gets a new uniform. The other Avengers approve. A lot.

Steve unconsciously straightened and pushed his shoulders back as he stepped into the open living room of Tony's penthouse, his boots echoing on the polished floor as he walked to a spot precisely in the middle between the couch and the TV and stopped.

"Well?" he asked. "What do you think?"

At first, none of his teammates replied, but they were looking at him and not watching the screen anymore, and none of them had thrown popcorn at him, so that, Steve thought quietly, counted as a win already.

It still unnerved him that they only stared and none of them said a single thing, not even Tony, who was holding a glass halfway up, as if he had been busy taking a sip and then had simply forgotten when he'd seen Steve in his new uniform.

He was starting to get uncomfortable under their scrutiny, but all he did was stand straight, his palms pressed flat against the sides of his legs to stop them from fidgeting.

"You know," Tony finally drawled and carefully sat down his glass. "You look...good." His eyes were a little wide and wild, his tongue flickered out to lick his bottom lip, and he was leaning slightly forward, as if he wanted to take a closer look at Steve's clothes.

"Very good," Pepper agreed from next to him. "It's very...good."

"Good?" Steve repeated, a frown starting to appear on his face. "Just good?"

"Very tight?" Clint offered from where he was sprawled over the cushions. "Seriously, Cap, are you trying to fight crime in this outfit or starring in a..." he snickered. "...a blue movie?"

Steve found himself blushing. "So you don't like it?" he asked.

"Don't listen to him. He's an idiot," Natasha replied. "You look good. How's your range of motion?"

Steve shrugged slightly. "It's about the same," he said. "A little easier to bend over."

He pretended not to hear the muffled groan from Bruce's end of the couch, or the way Clint's hand moved to come to rest on his crotch.

"Seriously, Steve," Tony told him. "You look good. Not as spangly as before, but the design is nice."

"You think?" Steve gave into his urge to fidget and brushed his palm across his chest. The new uniform was a dark blue, the boots a shade darker than the ones of his previous costume. A thin red stripe ran down the length of his thigh.

The only thing that was the same as on his previous uniform was the white star on his chest. It was bigger on his new uniform, and three horizontal white stripes went from the circle around it toward his arms. Gloves, belt and straps reminded him more of the version of his uniform he'd worn when he'd gone into the ice, but the entire ensemble was made of a completely different material, lighter and more flexible. Steve wasn't sure, but he had a suspicion that Tony had had his hand in the developing of it.

"Trust us," Bruce said. "It's a great design. It fits you. The new you."

"It's not for always," Steve hastened to say. "But the other one isn't exactly subtle."

"Steve," Natasha interrupted him gently. "We know. We understand."

"Yeah." Tony blinked slowly. "You went through SHIELD's test run with it?"

Steve nodded and ran a hand through his hair. The new uniform had no cowl, and he suspected that he would need a while to get used to it.

"And everything held up?" Tony asked, his gaze turning sharp and speculating, and Steve awarded himself a few mental points for figuring out that Stark had had, indeed, an interest in the fabric.

"Perfectly," he said with a small smile. "Your guys did a good job."

That made Pepper grin and Tony snort, and Steve shifted slightly from one foot to the other.

"Is it me or does this one look tighter than the other one?" Bruce asked.

"It does," Clint agreed. "It nicely accentuates his...physique."

"It really does," Tony nodded, and Steve blushed a darker shade of red.

"In a really nice way," Pepper murmured. Steve was sure that he wasn't supposed to hear it, but either Pepper didn't factor in his hearing or she didn't care at the moment.

"So, this is okay, then?" he wanted to know, still caught between the need to wear a different costume and the unease about the change.

Tony held up a hand. "There's one more thing," he said, his voice smooth and his eyes glittering mischievously. "One last test. In case of an emergency, we need to get you out of the uniform as quick as possible." His lips curved into a dangerous smile. "I vote we practice that. Now."

With a fluid move, he stood and stepped up to Steve, his hands tracing the star and his lips brushing against Steve's.

"Good idea," Natasha agreed, and seconds later, Steve could feel her hands on his ass, brushing gently across the dark blue fabric. He opened his mouth to protest, but Tony's tongue stopped him before more than just a few sounds escaped.

More fingers touched him - Clint's rough ones on his collar, Bruce's on his biceps, and Pepper's on his pants, massaging him through it with a firm grip that made him pant and blush at the same time. He was unable to escape as their hands mapped the lines of his new costume and his body underneath, caught between their kisses and touches.

"I think we all like this version of your uniform," Tony murmured against his collarbone. The others agreed, and Steve exhaled and relaxed into their touch. He hadn't been aware of how much he'd waited for their approval, and now that he had it, it was as if a heavy weight had been lifted off his shoulders. The uniform had been based on some of his doodles, and unlike the one he usually wore, he had some input in its design and look.

He hadn't realized how much of himself he'd put in it, and how much he'd wanted the others to like it, but it looked as if they all were as happy with it as he was.

It would have to stand up to the stress and exertions of the daily life of the Avengers, of course, but for now there was only one more test the uniform had to undergo.

For the record, it took the Avengers less then ten minutes to get Steve out of it and naked.
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