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Title: Experiment
by: kathierif_fic
Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: OTAvengers with a focus on Bruce Banner
Rating: FRAO
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: "Are you sure you want to do this?" Tony asked, his eyes wide and full of emotion while they flickered between Bruce taking off his clothes and the cage in the middle of the room.
A/N: for kink_bingo, square "caged/confined".

"Are you sure you want to try this?" Tony asked, his brown eyes peering curiously into the steel cage set up in the middle of the room.

Bruce calmly continued to take off his clothes. "Yes, Tony," he said patiently. "I want to test this hypthesis - that the Other Guy won't make an appearance - and I was asked to test the durability of this new alloy, to see if the Other Guy, if he makes an appearance, can rip through it."

"I know." Tony glanced down slightly. "I'm still not okay with Pepper having asked you that, you know," he added, his tone of voice serious.

"Tony." Bruce stopped stripping, one leg out of his pants, and reached out to brush his fingers against Tony's arm. "I'm okay with this," he promised while smiling softly. "I really am."

Tony didn't reply, and Bruce stopped taking off his clothes and stepped close to the other man, his hands gripping Tony's forearms gently while his mouth seeked out Tony's, his tongue licking gently past Tony's lips and into his mouth.

"Are you sure about this?" Steve asked softly from behind Tony, and Bruce pressed one last kiss to Tony's mouth and stepped back.

"Very sure," he assured him and folded himself into the cage.

It was big enough for him to stretch out comfortably, and it would be big enough to barely contain the Other Guy, if the measurements they had taken were correct.

"Let's do this?" Clint said and kneeled down next to Bruce's head. His hand sneaked through the bars to grip Bruce's shoulder briefly. "We're all set, in case you want to test the new tranquilizer as well," he promised. When Bruce craned his neck, he noticed the bow and quiver resting behind Clint.

"Thank you," he murmured and entwined his fingers with Clint's for a moment, squeezing and getting squeezed in return.

"You know," Steve said with a faint smile, "you do look good like this." He gave Tony a careful look. "Free," he then added.

It didn't make any sense at first, but Bruce understood him nonetheless. He smiled as Steve closed the cage, and then, it was showtime.

"Natasha?" he asked.

"Yes?" Natasha leaned against Clint's side, and when he handed her his glasses, she took them with a solemn nod.

Bruce took a deep breath and slowly released it, and then, he got comfortable on the padded mat they'd put in the cage earlier.

Hands reached through the bars and touched him, carefully at first, but quickly growing bolder. Bruce closed his eyes and relaxed into the caresses from his teammates - someone brushing carefully across his closed eyelids, against his lips, and he opened his mouth and flickered out his tongue to catch the hint of salt on callouses. Someone rubbed fingertips across his chest, teasing his nipples until they were hard points and sensitive to the air and continued tough, combing through the thick patch of hair on his chest and tracing the outline of a rib gently. More hands were on his thighs, on the sensitive backs of his knees, on his stomach, dipping into his navel, and then, a hand closed around his dick and started stroking.

It was a little bit like being a pet in a zoo, Bruce thought, the heart rate monitor strapped to his wrist beeping a warning as his heart rate picked up. A hand tangled with his again, fingers teased along the underside of his arm and along his ribcage, and the touch on his dick shifted into something more gentle.

He resisted the urge to open his eyes and just let himself feel - there were more fingers now, playing with his balls, teasing the inside of his thighs, mapping the soft spots on his body, and then, he could feel two hands on his dick, entwined and stroking in a smooth rhythm.

He didn't want to look, but he suspected that one of the hands belonged to Tony, and the other one either to Steve or Thor. It didn't matter, he decided as he took a deep breath and slowly released it, because he knew that neither of them would do anything to hurt him.

He was safe.

He could let himself fall.

He reached out blindly, and both his hands were grabbed and held, providing a stable point to cling to while his body wound itself tighter and tighter. He could feel the Other Guy under the surface of his own skin, could feel the anger and the arousal battle with each other, and he didn't know which one would win.

For once in his life, he didn't care.

Because he was safe.

He knew the Other Guy liked the Avengers and wouldn't hurt them, he knew Clint's tranquilizer was close by, he knew Thor had his hammer and Steve his shield, ready to protect their teammates should it be necessary, and he knew he could just let go.

Could let his body wind itself tighter and tighter, arousal to spiral higher and higher until he was panting, his body twisting and his hips pumping without his conscious decision, trying to catch more of the sensation of rough hands on him, a thumb brushing over the wet tip of his dick, and then, he came, orgasm overwhelming him and rocking his entire body until he was exhausted and spent, his stomach sticky with his own come and sweat, his muscles slow and languid and his mind slowing down as exhaustion tugged at him.

There was still the edge of the Other Guy, still just barely contained by Bruce's skin, and Bruce didn't know whether he would come out or not.

For now, he didn't care.

He was in a cage.

He was locked in.

He was safe, and so were his teammates, those brave people who hadn't left him and were sticking with him, and who were right now cleaning him up with both wet and dry, fluffy towels, their hands reaching through the bars of the cage and touching him despite the monster.

"Bruce?" Steve asked softly, and Bruce hummed an inarticulate reply.

"You okay, buddy?" Tony wanted to know, and Bruce grinned and slowly sat up, to lean against the bars of the cage and look out at them.

"I think," he said, "this is an experiment we need to repeat a few times."
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