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Title: Fine Motor Skills
by: kathierif_fic
Fandom: MCU/Avengers
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
Rating: FRAO
Disclaimer: Not mine, not true, not...anything.
Summary: Bucky is out to prove something to Steve.
A/Ns: for kink_bingo, prompt "object penetration".
Spoilers: For the Winter Soldier...anatomy, I hope that's vague enough?

The brush of cold metal against his ass makes Steve jump skittishly, and Bucky chuckles softly and brushes his chin against Steve's shoulder blade in an obvious caress. It's enough to help Steve get back into his previous position.

"You nervous, punk?" Bucky asks, his voice still a rough rasp, but Steve detects amusement in it and nothing else.

"No," he denies, an automatic response to Bucky and stupid challenges he can't resist. "It's just cold, that's all."

"It'll warm right up," Bucky promises and brushes the smooth metal against Steve's ass again. There are no obvious edges, no nicks and corners to hurt Steve with, just smooth, cool metal. "Unless you want to add some more sensations to it. I can put it in ice water for a few minutes."

Steve shivers with a weird mixture of want and dislike. His throat works for a moment before he manages to press out, "Maybe next time?"

"If there is a next time," Bucky tells him, his voice far too serious for the situation, but the hand at the small of Steve's back is warm, familiar and comforting, and Steve relaxes and lets his forehead drop down onto his folded forearms.

He stays like this until cold lube drizzles down the crack of his ass, to where the metal is still circling his hole without actually pushing in, and beyond. It runs down his thigh and into the sheets, but before Steve can point out that they're making a mess, Bucky pushes and cool metal, slick with lube, slides into Steve's ass.

It's barely a stretch, the coldness the most strange sensation, and Steve pushes back and demands more almost immediately.

"Impatient, are we?" Bucky chuckles again, but he doesn't let Steve beg, not yet, and adds to the pressure, more cold metal sliding into him, wider now. This time, there's a slight ridge, and Steve feels the stretch more acutely.

Bucky knows what he's doing, and he expertly toys with Steve's ass, letting fingers brush over the rim of his stretched hole and down to his balls while fucking and stretching him with the smooth metal. More lube slicks Steve's ass and thighs, the metal pushes deeper, nudges against Steve's prostate and rubs against the little bundle of nerves with incredible accuracy.

It feels like nothing Steve has ever experienced. The metal has no give, it's relentless, and the change in temperature, from cold to body temperature, makes his nerve endings tingle. Before long, his fingers are clenched tight in the sheet underneath him, he is panting like he hasn't since before the serum, his spine is bowed into a sharp arch and his entire body is slick with sweat.

"Like that," Bucky murmurs and licks his shoulder, his tongue hot like a brand even against Steve's feverish and overheated skin. "You want more, Stevie?"

Steve groans at the familiar nickname and the promise and spreads his legs impossibly wider, the muscles in his thighs straining without him really noticing it. He's too caught up in the sensations curling through him, the discomfort to minimal to really stop him from what he's doing.

"Yes, please, Bucky," he chants, gasps, moans, and then his ass is spread even wider around more cold and unforgiving, inhuman metal.

It's so different from real flesh and blood or even silicone, completely alien and strange, but Steve doesn't care, not when he is filled with it again and again, Budky's voice in his ear telling him how good he looks, and when it feels so amazing, the slight burn of penetration eased by so much lube and covered by sharp arousal. His dick is leaking pre-come onto the already ruined sheets, his balls are tight and drawn up, and he is so close he can taste it. On a particularly hard thrust, his arms start to shake, from the force of Bucky's ministrations and the general overload of sensations.

"You ready for this?" Bucky murmurs. His hand is clenched tight on Steve's hip, to stop him from moving too much, from ending this before Bucky is ready to give this to him. Before the serum, it was also to keep Steve in position, stop him from collapsing before the best part was over, but Steve doesn't need that anymore.

"Yes," Steve says, or tries to. The word gets stuck halfway between his throat and his mouth, and only a soft whimper escapes him.

Bucky still understands him. He always did. "Good," he says, his voice soft with emotions. "Then come for me, Stevie."

Cold, unfeeling metal drives deep into Steve and presses down against his prostate, and Steve sees stars as his arousal overwhelms him and he comes, long and hard and without a single touch to his cock.

This is something only Bucky can do to him, he thinks idly as Bucky gentles him through it, whispers sweet words into his ear and kisses the back of his nec.

Bucky waits a moment before carefully pulling out the fingers of his metal arm, sending more sparks through Steve's wrung-out body and making him moan softly.

Steve remains sprawled across the bed, just the way he'd fallen, and Bucky laughs and cleans him up before drawing a blanket over him and brushing his nose against the spot behind Steve's ear, sweaty hair tickling his face as he settles against Steve's strong back and wraps his human arm around Steve's waist.

"That'll teach you, punk," he murmurs, "to doubt my fine motor skills!"
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