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Title: Overwhelming
by: kathierif_fic
Fandom: MCU
Pairing: Thor/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark/Clint Barton
Rating: FRAO
Summary: He doesn't know if it's painful or just intense.
Disclaimer: This is a transformative fanwork.
A/Ns: This is written for the last square on the kink_bingo, the wildcard, and the oracle picked "double penetration" for it - it turned into triple penetration, but hey, who's complaining? :D

It's intense, and that's the only word he can think of, spread out with Clint and Tony behind him, their hands gentle strong on his hips, his thighs, his waist, their own legs tangled together around his own, and their rhythm steady and not quite smooth, as if they both need to catch themselves not to speed up too much, too quickly, to enjoy the sensation of tightness and heat and the slick slide of each other.

The lube is everywhere, slick down Steve's legs and the sheets underneath him. Tony left sticky fingerprints along the length of Steve's spine, and Clint rubbed them in, spread them to his front, his own dick, half-hard because his body doesn't quite know yet if it wants this much of a stretch or if it is overwhelming and too much.

His entire body is sticky. There's lube on his chest, his nipples, his throat, and there's lube in his hair, when Tony grabbed him and held on to him, staring into his eyes while Clint slowly, meticulously prepared him, quick and talented fingers sliding in alongside his dick, and Steve knows he looks like a wreck.

He clenches his fingers into the bedding, his short nails digging into the sheet, and gently rocks back, taking the two of them deeper. He can hear them pant and curse under their breath, over the rush of blood in his ears, and he arches his spine and lets them slip even deeper into him, spread him even wider, until he feels full, open and broken.

Steve's not sure his body likes it, but his mind loves it. He soars above a cresting wave of sensation, and it's still not enough, not exactly what he needs, when at the same time, he knows perfectly well that Clint and Tony are all he can handle, that he would physically break if one of them switched places with Thor.

Thor, who is kneeling in front of him now, gloriously naked and hard, one hand at the base of his dick and the other one on Steve's shoulder, keeping his balance while he shuffles closer, mindful of the tangle of bodies - Steve and Clint, mostly, with Tony kneeling behind them and out of harm's way, where he can't get hurt when Steve's body gives up, gives in, and collapses on top of the one underneath him, and Clint doesn't have a piece of metal and technology stuck in his chest, he can handle it, and he's stronger than he looks, able to shift Steve slightly off of him if it happens.

Steve pants, and Thor brushes the tip of his dick against his mouth, velvety soft and slightly moist, the smell and taste of it invading Steve's senses and overwhelming him. Tony and Clint pick up the speed, unintentionally or not, Steve doesn't know, but he enjoys it, the steady push and pull and the fact that there's always one of them in him, slick and hard and so perfect, better than he could ever imagine, and he opens his mouth when Thor's hand moves from his shoulder to his jaw.

Thor's dick slides over his tongue, and Steve can only hear the slap of skin on skin and the rush of blood in his own ears. His awareness narrows until all he knows are the three dicks in him, Clint's fingers on his nipples and Tony's on his spine, holding him in place and anchoring him while Thor keeps his hand on the hinge of Steve's jaw for a moment and then presses his fingertips into Steve's mouth, alongside his dick, and it's.

It's too much.

It's too many people and too many dicks and too much pressure and too much of a stretch and Tony's hand fondling his balls and rolling them in his hand, Clint's hand skipping down Steve's tense stomach muscles to grab his dick and adding to the stimulation, and it's Thor, gently fucking his mouth while holding Steve's head.

He breaks and gets put together by them again, in a new form that fits perfectly around them, and the vague hint of pain and panic at the edge of his awareness fades as his arousal spirals higher and tighter until Steve's body tightens, impossibly, on the wide stretch of their dicks in his ass, all his focus on the orgasm sweeping through him and the attempt not to clench his teeth, not to bite down while Thor's cock and his fingers are still between his teeth and holding his lips stretched wide, giving him no chance to hold back the whimpers and groans and moans that rattle through him while his body shudders through an orgasm that follows the theme and is so intense that Steve doesn't know whether it's painful or not.


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