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Title: Candlelight
Author: Kathie
Fandom: CSI:NY
Pairing: Sheldon Hawkes/Danny Messer
Rating: FRAO
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be and never were.
Word Count: 1,084 words
Summary: The city is without electricity, and Sheldon and Danny play with candles.
Author’s Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] kink_bingo, prompt: candle play.


“The whole city is without electricity,” Sheldon reported as he stepped back into the living room. “Blackout. Mac says to sit tight and he’ll call if he needs us.”

“Hm,” Danny replied non-committally and lit another candle. “Batteries for the flashlight are empty.”

“What?” Sheldon asked, taking another step closer. “How can that be, I just replaced them.”

Danny shrugged, almost not noticeable in the semi-darkness, and hissed as the hot wax from the candle dripped over his fingers. “Damn.”

“Here, let me see,” Sheldon asked and sat down on the couch.

“It’s nothing,” Danny replied, but he carefully put the candle down and went to join Sheldon. “Just hot wax.”

“Can be very erotic,” Sheldon pointed out and reached for Danny’s hand. “Of course, you usually use special candles that burn at a lower temperature and don’t get that hot.”

Danny inspected his hand carefully, peeling off the wax that had cooled on his skin. “I don’t know, Shel,” he said, doubt filling his voice. “You think that really works?”

“I don’t know,” Sheldon smiled. “Wait here,” he added and stood.

Danny’s eyebrows rose, but he leaned back into the cushions with an expectant frown and his arms crossed over his chest. His head was half-hidden in the shadows of the room, but Sheldon didn’t need to look at him to know how he looked like.

He laughed as he disappeared in the bedroom. He didn’t need any light to find what he was looking for. The box was still on the top shelf of his closet, where he’d put it, and he pulled it down and blindly rummaged around in it, looking for this one object he knew was in it.

Danny couldn’t stop the startled laugh that escaped him when he saw what Sheldon was holding. “Seriously, Doc?”

“Do you have anything better to do?” Sheldon asked and set the candle down on the small table next to Danny. “Come on. It’ll be fun.”

“Okay...don’t say I don’t love you,” Danny grumbled, licking his lips nervously. “What do you want me to do?”

Sheldon pulled him and into his arms. “Just relax,” he whispered with a soft kiss.

“I think I can handle that,” Danny promised.

“Good,” Sheldon replied and spread an old sheet over the couch before returning his attention to Danny. He pulled him close, his hands pushing up the back of Danny’s shirt, while his tongue pushed past Danny’s lips and deep into his mouth. Danny scratched down Sheldon’s chest, his blunt nails catching slightly in his shirt.

Sheldon broke the kiss to pull Danny’s shirt off and sucked and kissed his collarbone gently. His fingers tangled in Danny’s belt, holding Danny close while unbuckling it.

Danny panted for air, struggling with Sheldon’s shirt, and Sheldon pushed down his pants and gave Danny a gentle nudge to make him fall back on the couch while he was dealing with his own clothes.

Danny stayed sprawled on the couch, his eyes fixed on Sheldon as he moved to straddle Danny’s hips and picked up the candle and a lighter.

“You got the lube?” he asked and spread his legs wider, shifting until he was comfortably hovering over Danny.

“Yeah,” Danny said and licked his lips nervously. His eyes were huge and dark behind his glasses in the dim light of the flickering candles he’d put around the room earlier.

“Prepare me,” Sheldon said and lit the candle he was holding.

Danny started hesitantly to coat his fingers and reached around Sheldon’s strong legs to trail them down the cleft of his ass, rubbing against the small opening to his body and finally letting one of them slip into him.

That was the moment Sheldon had waited for. He tilted the candle and let a drop of molten wax spill down onto Danny’s abs.

Danny flinched, and Sheldon leaned over him to distract him from the brief flicker of pain with a deep kiss.

“Okay?” he murmured, and Danny drew in a sharp breath and nodded jerkily.

“Good,” Sheldon said with a gentle smile and straightened again. “Come on, more?”

Danny nodded and resumed his earlier activity of stretching Sheldon, adding a second finger. At the same time, Sheldon let more wax drip over his chest and watched as it ran in little rivulets down Danny’s stomach before freezing as it cooled down. Danny gasped for breath again and squirmed, but he didn’t stop stretching Sheldon.

Sheldon nodded when he deemed himself loose enough and held the candle steady, letting Danny push into him in one steady thrust. His free hand reached out and traced the drops of wax on the other man’s chest, hardening but still soft enough to let him leave his fingerprints in them.

It was his mark of ownership.

He moved up and down Danny’s dick, moaning softly at the sensations running through his nerve endings at the slight stretch and burn, coupled with the lust and arousal swamping his senses, while dripping more wax over Danny’s nipples, coating them in a thick layer.

Danny buckled under him, his hands clenching at Sheldon’s hips, encouraging him to pick up speed; and Sheldon complied just too gladly.

He let one final drop fall down, on Danny’s navel, blew out the candle and dropped it before putting both hands on Danny’s shoulders for leverage and picking up speed, his muscles rippling and twitching as orgasm overwhelmed both of them.

Sheldon collapsed on top of Danny, only belatedly realizing that they were sticking together now, the wax forming a connection between their bodies.

“What do you think?” he murmured into Danny’s sweaty shoulder before struggling to pull away carefully. Wax was sticking to the hair trailing down his stomach now, tugging painfully, and he grimaced slightly while peeling the hardened layer from Danny’s skin.

Even without the electric light, he could see that the skin was reddened, and he ducked his head to soothe the area around Danny’s left nipple with his tongue. It was tender; Danny flinched slightly when Sheldon’s tongue rasped over it, but it was not a serious injury by any stretch of the imagination. Danny shuddered at the sensations running through his body and arched his back slightly, to press himself into the contact.

“All right,” he finally admitted. “Not that bad.”


Sheldon allowed himself a satisfied grin and rolled off of Danny, only to pull him close to his side.

“And next time, we’ll do this when we can see every detail, okay?”

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