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Title: Fantasies
by: kathierif_fic
Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: OT8/Avengers
Rating: FRM
Disclaimer: not mine.
Summary: Tony tries to find out Phil's favorite kinky fantasy.
A/N: for "suspension" on kink_bingo.

"So?" Tony brought the glass over to the couch and set it in front of Phil on the table. "We talked about Natasha's love for knives, about Steve's surprisingly kinky adventures in France, about Thor's wish to dominate someone, we had Clint's sensation play and Pep's disturbing love for bondage, plus Bruce's tantric sex and my entire history of sexual experiences."

"I'm well aware of that," Phil pointed out with a faint frown. "What's your point, Tony?"

Tony grinned like a sharp, his teeth sharp and gleaming. "What's your secret fantasy, Agent?"

Phil thought for a moment, then reached out for the glass and drank it.

He had the feeling he would need it.


Allowing Tony to guess had been a hazard, not just to his own mental health, but that of the other Avengers as well. Phil was sure that he would never get the mental image of himself perching on Nick Fury's knee and calling his boss "Daddy" out of his mind, no matter how much he tried.

Judging from Clint's facial expression, he wasn't the only one.

"Come on," Tony wheedled. "You know all of ours. What's your secret kink fantasy? You have to have one. Even Steve has them."

Phil fidgeted with his glass. "Fine," he sighed. "I have one."

Tony's eyes started to get that manic look Phil recognized from that one time when Tony had almost died of Palladium poisoning and had remodeled his entire mansion to create a new element in his basement. It scared him a little.

"What is it?" Tony asked and handed him a fresh drink.

"I know what you're doing," Phil blandly replied. "You're trying to get me drunk so I will tell you everything. This isn't working, Tony."

Tony pouted, but he put the bottle back down.

And then, he started to fight dirty.


"Come on, Phil," Pepper asked and settled more comfortably on the arm of Phil's chair. "You can tell us. We're all curious. And I promise I make Tony behave."

"You can either tell us or let Tony torture us all with more of his ideas," Natasha added, her nails scratching gently against Phil's scalp. "Although, do you think that he is the one that secretly wants to sit on Fury's lap?"

Phil sighed. "I hate you all," he announced.

Natasha and Pepper only smiled at him.

"Suspension," Phil admitted. "I like the idea of...flying."

"Hm." Tony settled down next to him and pulled Pepper into his lap. "What kind of suspension?"

"The kind where he feels like flying, aren't you listening?" Clint replied. "No painplay." He grimaced at the thought and took another drink of his vodka.

"What are we talking about here, though," Tony mused. "Bondage, a harness? Solo, or with someone else?" His eyes lit up. "It's Hawkeye and his habit of sticking to the high points that brought it on, isn't it?"

"Shut up, Stark," Clint replied, but he sounded almost lazy about it, as if he didn't really mean it. Phil was thankful for it, it prevented him from having to admit that Hawkeye did, indeed, play a starring role in some of his fantasies.

"Or you always wanted to get lifted up by Captain America and get fucked against the wall?" Tony continued, not even Pepper's elbow in his ribs being able to slow him down.

Phil let his head fall back against the chair and sighed. This, he realized, would not end until the team - his team, the people he had bled and died for, and who had done their damnedest to bring him back, make him welcome in their home - knew every single thing about his favorite fantasy.

"Just flying," he said. "Just...being weightless. Clinging to your partner because it's the only solid thing you have access to. Trusting them."

"Like sex in a hammock," Natasha murmured, and Phil gave her a grin.

"A little bit," he admitted. "The fear of falling. Of losing control any minute, that."

"A swing?" Bruce suggested, his eyes moving from Tony to Phil to Natasha and back.

"Could work," Tony agreed before smiling widely. "Don't worry, Agent - between the physical strength of one part of the team and the smarts of the other part, we are going to make your fantasy come true, you'll see."

Phil hummed and pretended not to care too much.

Tony's ego was big enough already. He didn't need to know how much Phil was affected by the thought alone.

Especially if his second and third favorite fantasy - Captain America and Hawkeye - were involved, as well.


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