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Title: Tantalus
Author: Kathie
Fandom: CSI:NY
Pairing: Danny Messer/Don Flack, Danny Messer/Sheldon Hawkes, Danny Messer/Adam Ross, Danny Messer/Sid Hammerback, Danny Messer/Mac Taylor
Rating: FRAO
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be and never were.
Word Count: 1,513 words
Summary: Tonight, Danny was the evidence to be closely examined, taken apart and then put together again in a new, revealing shape.
Author’s Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] kink_bingo, prompt: Gang Bang. For [livejournal.com profile] nerfgunqueen, because she’s just that important to me. So I get to dedicate fic to her.


The tableau the layout room presented in this one night, when everybody seemingly had gone home and the lab was silent and asleep, was enough to send a sharp stab of arousal that was almost painful in its sudden unexpectedness through everyone who was a witness to this.

Danny was lying, face down, on the lighted table, his legs spread wide and anchored to the floor. A bar was clipped in between his ankles, preventing him from changing his position. His wrists were held in place with dark, wide leather cuffs. He could only move a few inches in every possible direction.

Sweat was already glistening on his naked body, and the light set his muscled physique into a sharp contrast to the cold steel and plastic surrounding him.

He was Tantalus, tortured and bound, without a chance to escape, no matter how much he squirmed and tried to.

Not that he really wanted to escape.

Someone had taken his glasses and had set them in a spot where they would be safe from harm; safe from the things to come.

Danny’s eyes were covered by a dark blindfold, and his mouth was forced wide open by a gag that seemed to be slightly uncomfortable, judging by the way the muscles in his jaw jumped and worked. A plug was pressed deep into his ass, pressing and rubbing deliciously against the little bundle of nerves deep inside him with every twist of rippling muscles.

Tonight, Danny was the evidence to be closely examined, taken apart and then put together again in a new, revealing shape.

He took a deep, careful breath through his nose and slowly released it again. It didn’t matter how he’d ended up like this, he knew.

He was safe.

He was also in for the ride of his life.

Everything was perfect.

He just needed to say a single word, make a single sound, and this could either start or get ended without any questions asked.

Mac was crouching next to his head, one soothing hand running through Danny’s already sweat-matted hair, careful to not accidentally pull off the blindfold he’d so deftly wrapped around Danny’s face earlier.

“Are you ready?” he asked, his voice low and quiet.

Danny took another deep breath, his nostrils flaring.

It was now or never.

He nodded hesitantly.

“Good boy,” Mac whispered and ran his hand through his hair again. “If something comes up that makes you want to stop, we’ll stop,” he promised and gave a nod to Don, who was standing next to Danny’s hip, right where Danny was bent over the table.

Don nodded back and ran his hand over Danny’s back, soothing him before gripping the base of the plug and twisting it slightly. Danny’s hips buckled slightly and, with a soft chuckle, Don fastened a ring around Danny’s hard and leaking cock, which was already smearing clear fluid over the clean surface of the table.

Mac handed Don a bottle of lube, and Don eased the plug from the tight grip Danny’s twitching and trembling hole had on it and replaced it with his own dick. He slowly pushed into Danny’s body, groaning at the heat and tightness surrounding him. His fingers clenched in Danny’s hips, leaving red and white marks on the slightly tanned skin that yet was so pale compared to the rest of him.

“So good,” he moaned, and Danny whimpered behind his gag and tried to push back, to get more of Don inside of him.

Mac chuckled and moved a bit to the side, to let Sheldon, who had one hand wrapped around his dick and was stroking it slowly take his spot in front of Danny. Sheldon gave a quick smile and bent down to murmur a few words to Danny.

Danny snorted in reply and tilted his head as much as he could, and Sheldon deftly unbuckled the gag and dropped it on the table, next to Danny, where the plug was resting already, like evidence ready to be labeled.

He waited a moment for Danny to work the kinks out of his jaw before stepping close again and brushing just the tip of his dick over his lips, leaving a shiny trail of pre-come for Danny to lick off as his tongue reached out to chase Sheldon’s erection.

Don moaned as his thrusts sped up, the force pushing Danny forwards slightly. Sheldon wrapped one hand around Danny’s neck and pushed the slick head of his cock slowly into Danny’s mouth, muffling the quiet whimper Danny couldn’t quite suppress.

Mac moved again, murmuring softly into Danny’s ear and squeezing his hand while Danny licked and sucked Sheldon’s flesh as much as he could. The angle wasn’t the best; but Danny made up for it with lots of enthusiasm and groaning deep in his throat while taking Sheldon deeper into his mouth. Sheldon bit his lip as his hips flexed gently, his hands guiding Danny slightly to give him maximum pleasure.

“Damn,” Don groaned as his balls slapped against Danny’s ass, the sound strangely loud in the room, and he thrust into Danny once, twice more before coming to a stuttering orgasm.

He patted Danny’s ass as he gently pulled out of him, and Danny whimpered slightly around Sheldon’s erection as another dick, shorter, but wider than Don’s, was pushed into his body.

Don kneeled down next to the table and gripped Danny’s free hand with his while pressing a gentle kiss to his arm, and Sheldon’s dick muffled another one of Danny’s whimpers as his hips were gripped tight in between calm and capable hands that usually handled the fragile beakers and expensive equipment in the lab.

Sheldon’s back snapped into a sharp arch suddenly, and a few drips of come dribbled down from the corner of Danny’s mouth as he struggled to swallow.

Sheldon pulled back with a gentle squeeze of Danny’s shoulder, his dick covered in spit and semen. Danny stretched his body, as if he wanted to follow, but Sheldon quickly was replaced by another tech; only one of those waiting for their turn.

They continued without any knowledge of how much time had passed since Danny’s nod. The only rhythm they followed was the timeless flex of hips, thrusting into Danny’s open and welcoming body with abandon, with tenderness, with triumph, with lust and with arousal.

None of them cared about how long they were standing there, eyes glued to the display in front of them – Danny, squirming in his bonds, taken deeply from both ends by a whole group of people, his body slipping and alternatively sticking to the slick surface he had been placed on, sweat pouring off of his body in thick droplets. The room was filled with panting, groaning, the slap of flesh on flesh, the smell of arousal and sweat, and still Mac and Don were holding Danny’s hands, keeping him anchored in the haze of arousal he was in, and offering quiet assurance and a sense of safety.

Adam finished off, his dick pushed deep into Danny’s mouth, a dark blush covering his cheeks and with his eyes closed tightly while his mouth opened on its own accord, but without uttering a single word, and Mac moved to offer Danny a few sips of water and to wipe his face gently with a towel. He made sure that Danny was still doing okay, nodding and kissing him possessively before he stepped away once more to let the next one in line gain access to Danny’s mouth.

Sid was the last in line, the last to coat his erect cock with the lube and gently push into Danny’s ass, only to pick up speed almost immediately. Rather than adding to the bruises, crescent-shaped indentations and red-pale handprints on Danny’s hips, he ran his hands in a gentle caress up and down Danny’s back, making his spine arch into the contact like a big cat and a constant stream of whimpers and curses fall from his lips.

Come was dripping down Danny’s legs; his dick, still trapped by the ring around its base, was an angry red; and when Sid came, eerily silent and gentle, with just a little sigh, Danny groaned in frustration, shifting his hips impatiently, seeking relief and friction.

Sid stepped back, and only then Mac moved, taking his place and emptying the last of the lube that had remained in the bottle over his erection. He easily slipped into Danny’s exhausted body, eliciting nothing more than a weak moan that soon was muffled by Don’s mouth as his tongue pushed deep into Danny’s mouth, mimicking Mac’s actions.

Mac didn’t last long. Seconds before orgasm overwhelmed him, he reached under Danny to release the ring around his dick and wrapped his hand tightly around Danny. It didn’t take long for Danny either to reach orgasm, and as he came with a loud, relieved shout, despite his exhaustion–

—Lindsay finally woke, panting slightly, wetness between her legs and her heart beating wildly, alone in her bed, thinking, “What a dream…”

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